A Dream Of Lights

A Dream of Lights - Kerry Drewery

It began with something so simple.

A dream.

Of a city like no city I had ever seen before...

Teenage Yoora lives a grey existence village in a small village in North Korea. But at night she dreams of the lights of a strange foreign city. Why, she does not know.

The Yoora falls in love with someone forbidden and her worlds begins to collapse as she learns the truth - about her country, her family, and the bright lights of her dreams. Banished to a prison camp, Yoora will be forced to work until the day she dies.

Or until she finds a way to escape.....


From the start this book caught my eye. The characters were well developed especially Yoora, the main character. She was different and believed that there was a chance she could escape, however bad the situation was she never lost her hope, and that why I liked her, she showed the bravery inside her though she was weak. To me she seemed so real like I knew her but we never said anything because she was speaking through the words that were written in the book, that's how she got to express her emotions and feelings.

The story itself was amazing, how it developed over time and the story unfolded as the truth came out was shocking.Every little chapter was a discovery , you find out new things which then turn into something that you wouldn't ever expect. There was a lot of tensing in this book and one scene was a little bit disturbing, but it made it more realistic.

I didn't in particular find anything that I didn't like about this book, to me this was a reminder that hope can flower in the most unlikely of places. The ending or more like the last chapters were a shock, I didn't expect those things to happen, but it was beautiful and made me happy.

I recommend this book to anyone, if you like history , then this book is the right one for you. Some people compare this to Between Shades Of Grey, I haven't read that book yet so can't really say it is similar. Give it a go because I loved it.